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Wyndham Global Resort & Hotels

BigLook360 developed this VR training scenario for hotel owners and managers to identify and learn about the various procedures during an on-site inspection. 

This application was launched at the Wyndham’s Global Conference. Select participants donned the VR headset on stage and went through the VR exercises as their view was being projected onto a big screen monitor for the audience to see.

HCSC Blue Cross Blue Shield –
Blue Workplace

The VR Tour showcases the innovative and collaborative working environment called the Blue Workplace in a unique and compelling way. The Tour provides an immersive first-person perspective creatively
demonstrating HCSC’s diverse and dynamic culture while experiencing various Workplace activities and highlights.



BigLook360 produced a safety training VR video for the operation of heavy equipment for the National Safety Council. While the taking the operator’s position on a forklift, the trainee is instructed to identify
and learn about various potential hazards while performing various tasks within a warehouse environment.


Developing and utilizing a patented process of multiple viewing perspectives with virtual reality technology, BigLook360 designed, produced and delivered a training system that is not only changing how the football is played but how it’s coached.

The system uses virtual reality to improve a player’s spatial awareness of the on-field action from different viewing angles, thus giving them virtual live reps from multiple points of view. The PRO41VR system allows players to learn through experience with no risk of injury.



BigLook360 created and produced a 360° VR tour for Teleperformance to be used as a recruiting and onboarding orientation tool.  The unique design and architecture of the facility was an ideal candidate for being captured in VR 360 Video.  The client distributed the video via YouTube VR to reach their stakeholders and constituents.