Virtual Football Training

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Hall of Famer and All-Pro Dallas Cowboy Charlie Waters partnered with BigLook360 to create the patented PRO41VR training system.  This unique virtual reality training solution represents a quantum leap in coaching. PRO41VR combines multiple camera angles and virtual reality technology to help players learn to read plays and defenses faster and because the reps are virtual, without the risk of physical injury.


The BigLook MAPPRO360 application provides the ultimate solution for asset management, pre-deployment familiarity and location awareness. MAPPRO360 is easily customizable and incorporates 360° video footage integrated with any map, floor plan, blueprint or document. MAPPRO360 includes the embedding of interactive tags, hot spots, branching, digital signage and map layering capabilities. Watch and follow your route traveled on the map as the 360°video plays or click on a location within the map and the 360° video will put you at that location. Other features include video tagging, GPS coordinates, icon rollovers, popup data, measurements and much more.  MAPPRO360 is available for licensing and custom application development.


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BigLook360 developed and engineered the proprietary T-Camera solution to provide an entirely new perspective for live broadcast sports coverage. The camera provides live video that covers the total view of a field of play, court, rink, ring, stage or area of interest and allows the operator to pan and zoom within the video while broadcasting. The operator controls the viewing perspective from the T-Camera to create new video that is instantly processed and converted to standard HD/SDI for replay and playback.